My Wahoo TICKR X isn't displaying cadence




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    Mike, Your answer is good but I would like to add to it.

    I came across a YouTube video by Shane Miller at GPLama. He talks about the Tickr X and how to set it up on an iPhone for running events in Zwift on Apple TV. It involves starting the Wahoo app and setting up the connection for your Tickr X there. You must then start a running workout and see that you are getting a heart rate. When you see that you are, then you quit the app without stopping your workout by double-clicking the iPhone home button and swiping up on the wahoo app to get it off your iPhone. This somehow tricks the Tickr X into thinking it is emitting a signal. How Shane figured this out is a total mystery to me but I thought I would give it a try for a cycling workout. I did this (in the cycle training mode on the Wahoo app) by starting a new workout, seeing that both heart rate and cadence were working, then quit the app (without stopping the workout) via "swipe-up". Then, starting the Fulgaz app on Apple TV and started a ride. It worked!! there were other nuances but I did a ride with both heart rate and cadence! Unfortunately, when I finished, the ride was not saved to Strava and I have not seen a .fit file come to me in an email. Also, this method only worked once. When I tried it a second time I did not get my cadence to show up in Fulgaz. Very frustrating, but I am determined to get it to work. I would, of course, like more helpful hints if you could provide them and wish the whole thing wasn't so convoluted!  Here is the link to GPLama's video...


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    Update from Grant...

    I have since repeated the process of "tricking " the Tickr X to work on Apple TV, as described in the previous post. I can now say that the method is sound as 2 rides have now been successfully uploaded to Strava and I have received my nice gift of files in my email. Thanks!! 

    I can't wait to get all the rides done now !! Great App! Great rides!

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