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If you are experiencing issues with FulGaz, first please reboot your devices then ensure your app is up-to-date before sending a support ticket.

The latest versions are: Apple TV 5.0.18, iOS 5.0.19, MacOS 5.0.18, Windows, Android 5.19

Download links: Apple tvOS/iOS, MacOS, Windows 10/11, Android OS


For the fastest help, please give our 24/7 Chat Bot a go! Tap on the speech bubble at the bottom of your screen. He's on hand to guide you through common issues and suggest helpful articles from our knowledge base to get you riding quickly.

Video playback on iOS and Apple TV:

We are aware of potential video issues affecting some Apple TV and iPad/iPhone setups, mostly those updated to tvOS/iOS 17 (playback "pulsing" on Apple TV, video speeding up or ending early on iOS). We are testing a fix for this. If you would like early access to this fix, you can download the BETA build via TestFlight.

More information on accessing the FulGaz BETA build can be found in this support article.

Let us know what device you were using to run FulGaz

What devices are you connecting to FulGaz, EG Trainer type, cadence sensor, heart rate strap

Is this an issue with one specific ride or all rides?

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